CRDO condemns cancellation of RPCs, urges for its restoration

DIYUN, Nov 24: The Chakma Rights and Development Organisation (CRDO) has strongly condemned the Govt notification No. POL/CH-2/2022-23/100 dated 4th November 2022 issued by Rajeev Takuk, Joint Secretary (Political), Government of Arunachal Pradesh cancelling all Residence Proof Certificates (RPCs) issued to the Chakma and Hajong people of Changlang district.

The impugned circular also provides for issue of Temporary Settlement Certificates in lieu of RPCs as an alternative arrangement. “This is a direct blow to the right of Chakma and Hajong people to join the defence forces and serve the nation as well as hitting them below the belt as it denies them the right to earn their livelihood,” it said. 

Replacing the Residence Proof Certificate with so-called “Temporary Settlement Certificates” is like adding insult to injury to the sentiments of the Chakma-Hajong people as it will neither serve the purpose of residence proof for various educational purposes nor will be admissible as proof for any employment/ career related opportunities. It is useless and serves no purpose, the CRDO pointed out.

“Temporary residence certificates are meant for those who need ILP to enter Arunachal Pradesh and Chakmas and Hajongs being ‘residents of Arunachal Pradesh’ do not need ILP. Since the Chakmas have been resident of the state for more than 58 years, they meet the eligibility criteria of minimum 10 years domicile stipulated by the state and hence, the Chakmas and Hajongs should be given ‘Permanent Residence Certificates’,” asserts CRDO president Mahendra Chakma.

In the meantime, another notification No. CHG/JS/GUARD-01/2022 has been issued by the DC, Changlang on 14th November 2022, to seal the fate of the Chakma and Hajong students and deny them of their aspiration to serve the nation and pursue their career goals.

CRDO strongly demands revocation of these impugned notifications and restoration of Resident Proof Certificates (RPCs) as cancelation of RPCs to Chakma and Hajong people of Changlang district is inhumane and devoid of any moral, legal or rationale basis, he maintained.